This 1985 release represents songs written over an 8 year period, the first six are considered "Wet", while the last six are considered "Dry". While they are not exactly in chronological order, the Wet and Dry sides do represent the to different periods of life, during which The First Step took place.


© 1985 Sunrise Productions w All Rights Reserved
© 1998 -2008 Produced and Engineered by Wesley Derbyshire
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Sunrise Studios, Princeton, NJ. Digital Remastering at MediaVersal, Princeton, NJ
Cover Artwork by Krisztina Samu

The First Step

Through time I have placed my thoughts into music,
in time you may place this music into your thoughts.

All Songs written and performed by Wesley Derbyshire, except "Eve" written and piano performed by July Siebecker, re-arranged and guitar addition by Wesley Derbyshire. Colin Karner, 2nd guitar solor on "When Droids Meet the Zorians"

Recorded from July 1984 through May 1985. Recorded on a Tascam 34 four track using a Tascam M30 8x4x2 mixer. Guitars used: Ovation six string acoustic, miked with two Shure SM57's & direct line, Gibson 1971 Deluxe Les Paul direct or close miked by SM57 on Peavey amp. Casio keyboard drum rhythm, Commodore 64 sound effects & sequencing, acoustic grand piano recorded at the Unitarian Church of Princeton, Tanberg quarter-track was incorporated for echo. Visions recorded on a Kenwood quarter-track using a tape loop with the erase head covered. Mixed to Kenwoodquarter-track using DBX during June 1985. Digitally remastered during Fall 1998 using Sound Forge on a P300 and duplicated to CD-R. Converted to MP3 February 2008 for digital streaming and dlownload using Sound Forge 9.

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