My favorite colour used to be green, but now it is purple. I especially like vivid colours. So, a purple that gleams as it radiates energy really hits home for me.

I prefer those mildly warm spring and fall days when the sun is shining, with a few clouds lingering in the sky. A slight breeze is helpful, but not needed for complete satisfaction. I guess right around 70 degrees is the scientifically magic number.

When it comes to food my all time favorite has been Sushi. On some nights it seems I could sit and eat those fishes forever. Eating it with wasabi really hits the palate just right. I guess if I were on deserted island I would never complain if this was the only thing the chef could make. But then again I would miss Indian and Mexican along with Middle Eastern, Chinese, and finally pizza.

Loud music that sounds like I am actually at the concert with the performers is what soothes my ears. Feeling the walls shake and floor vibrate is no mere pastime for me. Studio reference monitors made by JBL (model 4412A), certainly fill the void of my home with the sounds of folk, rock, jazz, progressive, world beat, fusion, and much mor

Things that make my body spin - amusement park rides are the perfect example of such devices. If it can twirl me upside down and make me begin to feel dizzy, I am there. I enjoy speed and frankly enjoyed a trip going at 110mph a few years ago. Airplanes and rocking boats, speeding trains and the like all add to the thrill of movement.

I tend to like the latest gadgets available, such as computers, cell phones, stereo equipment, and the like. I know when I have reached my limit -- but it doesn't stop the desire to have the next generation of these toys. I try to live by the motto "The one who dies with the most toys WINS!