Without sounding too mundane, many of my favorite objects are those that have been created by human touch. On the top of this list are things that reflect light or from which light emanates -- like a compact disc's reflective inner foil, those glow-in-the-dark strings you find at many rock concerts, lit candles, and fluorescent rocks.

I certainly find myself drawn to electronic gizmos of most kinds -- but ones with a lot of buttons to push seem to be the most fun. Computers, of course, rank right up there -- and while I really don't need a pentium, I don't want anything slower. Cell phones are convenient but free calls through the Net are even better. Loud speakers vibrate my soul and video screens that fill a wall put me near nirvana.

While I find bicycles easier to use than a car, it's more exhilarating to go a lot faster -- and a car that will drive for you is an object of perfection.