West Virginia has been one of my all time favorite places. While on the Global Walk I learned of the magic of the hills of this state. Morgantown, WV is on the western edge of the state and tucked in between rolling hills. The old rustic feel of this community sent me whirling back in time to the turn of the century. Houses are built into the side of the hills and the roads twist around the landscape.

You can look up Main Street onto the State University which overlooks the town. While the town is a thriving community, it still feels very rural. Even with its modern monorail system which stretches for miles between the campuses, you can still feel the history.

Beyond Morgantown, the hills of West Virginia move on for miles. Some of the quietest spots on this continent can be found among the wind and the trees here. The valleys are deep and hills are high. On the hilltop you can witness the land's undulation out to the horizon, and cool shadows surround you in the deep valleys. It is mid-September and the breezes of winter are already blowing, but the sun beats down it warm strength.